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MP3 Audio Conversion to Catholicism Step by Step
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Rosalind Moss
Rosalind Moss - Catholic Answers Apologist
Catholic Answers

"From a Jewish background, through eighteen years of Evangelical Protestantism, Rosalind entered the Catholic Church in 1995. Her conversion led her from a fifteen-year career as a successful executive to full-time

Evangelical ministry to earning a master's degree in ministry from Talbot Theological Seminary, and now, to a position as a staff apologist at Catholic Answers. Rosalind travels around the world, speaking and teaching at parishes and conferences." (From the jacket of The Jewish Roots of our Catholic Faith 

1-hour-audio converson story of Rosalind Moss from Judaism To Roman Catholicism (8/9/1996)

Kristine Franklin
Kristine Franklin
She's written about children living in garbage dumps in Guatemala, howler monkeys in Costa Rica, children coping with anxious and depressed parents, the Vietnam War and most recently, the struggles of a spunky teen growing up in an impoverished coal-mining community in 1920's Washington.

1-hour-audio Kristine Franklin  Conversion story to Roman Catholicism - What Must I Do to Be Saved  (9/19/1997)

Mother Angelica and Marcus Grodi with Rosalind Moss and Kristine Franklin

Mother Angelica and Marcus Grodi with Rosalind Moss &  Kristine Franklin talk about the new 2001 show Now That We're Catholic - Listne now
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    Rosalind Moss                                    Kristine Franklin
Householf of Faith
Household of Faith Produced by EWTN

Rosalind Moss, Jewish background,
a former Evangelical

Kristine Franklin a
former Fundamentalist

Both share their conversion
story to the Catholic Faith.

Welcome Family to audio
archives of an all time
favorite show.

These are MP3 audio files.

Household of Faith Produced by EWTN 1999

Former evangelicals Rosalind Moss and Kristine Franklin discuss the myths, misunderstandings and prejudices they faced during their difficult journeys to Catholicism, and how they each overcame them.

With great warmth, they discuss previous misconceptions, explaining and defending Church teachings most frequently misunderstood. Welcome Family" to audio archives of  an all time favorite show.

Join Kris, who grew up as a Fundamentalist, and Rosalind, who was raised Jewish, in discovering the many challenges they had in common, as they ventured forward to ultimately embrace the Catholic Church as the One,  True Household of Faith. 
Now That We're Catholic  Produced by EWTN 2001

"In one of EWTN's best-loved series, two of Catholicism's most engaging converts drew us into spirited coffee-time conversations about their journeys to the Household of Faith.

Now, hosts Rosalind Moss and Kristine Franklin return to share the many ongoing areas for growth which their adopted Catholic faith has continued to bring into focus.

The honest, engaging, 'real Catholicism for real people' style that you loved in Household of Faith continues in a  sequel,  Now That We're Catholic! Discussions on issues as Church authority, developing a prayer life, and learning the teachings of the Church, their fresh insights will inform and enliven your own conversations with family and friends about the treasures of our Catholic faith.
    Household of Faith                     Now That We're Catholic
Christ's Church
Scripture and Tradition
What it means to be "born again"
Faith, Works, Grace and Salvation
The Mass
The Eucharist
The Gift of the Priesthood
The Papacy
The Communion of Saints
The Blessed Mother
The Catholic Understanding of Suffering
True Morality
Women in the Church
Living Messengers - Light to the World

The Call of God
The Sacraments
A Plan for Life
Church Authority
The Priesthood
Catholic Essentials
Knowing the Will of God
Marriage Part I
Marriage Part II
Family Life
Loving Our Neighbors
Last Things


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